Because it’s what you know about who you know

All businesses have customers and most hold a lot of data about them. Hidden within this data is vital knowledge: how they feel about the products they buy, how a brand could better engage them, what new products or services the brand might successfully be able to launch.

We have developed customer loyalty solutions <nl2br> that range from analytical layers for existing CRM systems to entire, bespoke loyalty programmes for the mass market. Our systems differentiate themselves by being customised to the client’s industry and integrated with their technology stack.

This customisation enables us to develop AI algorithms tailored to each customer’s business, algorithms that can extract the hidden knowledge and make it clear and usable.

We developed the UK’s first “loyalty-scheme-in-a-box” for small retailers

One of the UK’s leading providers of Electronic Point-of-Sale (EPoS) systems was looking to differentiate their product offering by offering loyalty schemes to their retailers. Within the UK retail sector loyalty schemes – designed to attract and retain customers – are often the preserve of large companies. Our client wanted to bring the benefits of loyalty schemes to smaller, independent businesses.

Our team delivered a loyalty platform capable of scaling to host thousands of independent loyalty schemes. Each participating retailer recruited customers in store and the platform delivered the customer experience via a mobile site. Loyalty points could be earned and redeemed in real time via integration with the EPoS systems, and retailers could configure their schemes via an online portal.

The platform enabled our data scientists to develop algorithms that would optimise customer communications, match the best offers to customers, and provide both predictive and historical management information.

We designed the “big data” platform used by a mobile services provider to deepen and enhance their customers’ experiences of their product set

In an increasingly commoditized marketplace, Mobile Telephone operators are constantly seeking new ways to serve their customers via the provision of so-called Value-Added Services. When done well, such services (games, educational courses, news) act much like loyalty schemes - both engaging and retaining customers.

Our client, a global provider of mobile content, had realised that they had tremendous opportunity in their data to refine their product line so as to better recruit, retain and engage their customer base. However, their existing data architecture presented challenges to effectively combining and learning from their data.

Our team identified a number of ways that the client could innovate new products or improve the effectiveness of old ones by effective use of their data. The team then designed a new data platform to support the analysis, reporting and machine learning required to implement these ideas. Our experience of loyalty analytics enabled us to determine what would work in this, closely adjacent space, and to design the data infrastructure required to make it a reality.

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