Realising the vision of personalised medicine

Genomic medicine is set to be one of the major healthcare industries of the 21st Century. The knowledge and care required to handle clinical workloads, and the complexity of bioinformatic analysis pipelines is hard to come by.

All our engineers undertake introductory training in genomics, consent and bioinformatics when they join, preparing them to work within this fascinating and growing space.

We are developing the backbone for the world’s
first national genome testing service

Our client is creating the world’s first national genome testing service. This service will unlock the full potential of personalised medicine – first promised following the publication of the human genome in 2003.

The backbone of this service is an IT platform capable of managing the full range of requests, testing, sample transfer and reporting processes involved in genome sequencing. We are currently developing a scalable, distributed and highly-concurrent system to manage the workflow. This work leverages our experience in data processing, rules engines and delivering complex, scalable systems based on Microservices architectures.

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