We are a software design company based in London, Bristol, and Bangalore. We are highly skilled with a wide-range of technologies to help your business realise its true value.

Meet the Team


James Baldwin, Partner

After graduating from the University of Liverpool with a first-class degree in Mathematical Statistics, James worked for various blue-chip organisations in leadership and consulting roles. Before establishing Elucidata in 2010 James launched the analytics platform for the Barclaycard's retail offers programme, Barclaycard Freedom. James’ passion for innovative data analytic solutions has meant that Elucidata has worked with some of the UK’s top companies including Lloyds Banking Group, the BBC, Barclays Bank, Genomics England, and Worldpay.

When he's not developing new data products, James is busy looking after his two young sons. James is a CrossFit enthusiast, enjoys watching and training martial arts and advocates the benefits of a plant-based diet.


Will Hardman, Partner

As Elucidata's lead Data Scientist, Will works with clients to design and deliver products from the ground up. Will is a passionate advocate for the power of data science to transform our lives, industries and societies.

Will has a background in developing analytical and data processing systems. Before joining Elucidata he consulted across the public and private sector, becoming convinced that a fresh approach to embedding Artificial Intelligence within organisations was required. In his current role he is fortunate enough to be working alongside a team of people who share that vision.

His role at Elucidata is very much “hands-on” and he’ll happily talk about topic models, techniques for forecasting point processes, procedures for inference over dynamic graphs and online learning algorithms, if you are interested. He's an expert in Machine Learning, and can often be found at the various data community events in Bristol.

Will heads-up the Elucidata office in Bristol where he lives with his family. He is an avid rock climber and yogi.


Stewart Jordan, Partner

Stewart passionately believes in the power of design thinking and its applications for both product and business strategy. He founded Peek Vision in 2012, developing mobile phone technology to tackle avoidable blindness around the world. Stewart partnered with the NHS, UK universities, and international NGOs to deliver interventions on a global scale and has won many awards including Digital Design of the Year from the London Design Museum.

Before settling back in London, he lived in Cambodia, Kenya and Spain, worked at an investment bank, for several UN development agencies, and grew his mobile app development agency to over 150 employees on three continents before a successful exit. Stewart loves the spirit of entrepreneurship and now shares his experience as a mentor on the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur programme, helping bring game changing ideas to the medical sector.

Outside of all that, you’ll find him on his bike. The only way to commute in London, he saves the lycra for long weekend rides and the occasional challenge in the alps or the himalayas.


Sarah Azadian, Head of Agile Delivery

Sarah is a Certified Scrum Master experienced in delivering software and information solutions. Since 2001, Sarah has worked in agile environments in various roles such as technical writing, teaching, quality assurance, and data analysis. She is passionate about development teams working together effectively and directly with our stakeholders to ensure a lean solution has quality built-in and continually meets business needs. 

Sarah has an MSc (Distinction) in Health Informatics from City, University of London and is interested in systems to support telemedicine, decision making and enhancing the clinical experience in using these systems.

Outside work, Sarah enjoys attending rock and metal gigs in Bristol, London and Madrid.


Dawn Walter, Head of Technical Writing

Dawn is a professionally-qualified technical writer with over 20 years’ experience in healthcare, telecommunications, electronics, banking, accounting, and IT. Dawn has worked for small entrepreneurial start-ups as well as global corporations. While in NZ, she established the Christchurch branch of the Technical Communicators’ Association. Her MA (Hons) in Social Anthropology speaks to her passion for putting the user at the centre of everything.

Aside from reading voraciously and drawing infrequently, Dawn also writes creatively as another way to keep her writing skills sharp. She also enjoys walks in the country followed by Sunday roast at a local pub. 



Kev is a seasoned developer and software architect with over 20 years experience. He specialises in data driven systems, building highly-scalable software that can handle large data throughput. Prior to joining Elucidata Kev founded and was lead engineer for the innovative open data visualisation platform Data Unity. Kev's passions are machine learning and robots. 


Dr Laura Domicevica, Senior Engineer

Laura is an experienced Data Engineer and Python Developer with a strong research background. 

After graduating from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne with a BSc in Human Genetics (First Class), Laura completed her DPhil in Biochemistry from the University of Oxford. As a Postdoctoral Research Associate (Oxford) she used Molecular Dynamics simulations to investigate the interactions between AMPA receptors (GluA2) and their accessory proteins (TARPs).

Outside work, Laura is trying to find balance between yoga and lifting weights at the gym, but on quieter evenings likes to curl up on the couch with a cup of Earl Grey and a good sci-fi book.


Radek Lát, Senior Engineer

Radek is a software engineer with more than 8 years' commercial experience in IT, particularly national health services, data analytics platforms, web security, and web applications. He is passionate about software engineering best practice and testing as well as identifying and improving inefficient processes. Believing that a software developer should be more than just a coder, Radek also has expertise in business analysis, UX/UI design, and leading teams.

Radek has a BSc in Information Technology and an MSc in Computer Networks and Communication. Outside of work, he enjoys photography, travelling, discovering new cultures and foods.


Dave Mercer, Senior Engineer

Dave has over 30 years' experience as a software developer and management consultant working for industry heavyweights such as Goldman Sachs, Nestle, British Gas, BUPA, and Thomson Reuters. He has significant expertise in requirements gathering and analysis, architecture, component and development for web-based applications.

For several years Dave has helped steward the Bath Ruby Conference, a showcase for tech companies that encourages networking and knowledge sharing, as well as providing local IT employment opportunities.



An experienced full stack developer, Nitesh has been involved in technology start-ups from a young age and is responsible for building some of the web's most beautiful sites. After graduating with a degree in Computer Science, Nitesh co-founded a technology company before setting up his own tech consultancy, helping both start-ups and established firms. Nitesh joined Elucidata in 2014 and heads up the team in Bangalore.

When he's not working, he's a menace to society on his moped, weaving in and out of traffic.


Lawrence Baldwin, Senior Consultant

Lawrence is a highly skilled Data Management Specialist who worked as a lead developer and data consultant in banking and insurance before joining Elucidata in 2012.  He has delivered complex data solutions across a wide range of sectors and in recent years has developed deep expertise in clinical data pipelines supporting genomics medicine services.

Lawrence is passionate about delivering a quality solution and is known for always going the ‘extra mile’.  In his spare time Lawrence renovates properties and develops games on next-generation VR platforms (Oculus Rift, etc.)


Elliot Cacacie, Senior Consultant

Elliot is the team's leading insomniac, often showing total disregard for circadian rhythm when deep into a project. He's an expert in all things Python and SQL, with a wealth of experience in other programming languages.

When he's not working or looking after his two young children Elliot is a keen outdoorsman - he is an expert climber and likes to disappear to the remote Welsh countryside for days at a time.


Dr George Burton, Senior Consultant

George received his PhD in Theoretical Particle Physics from the University of Edinburgh in 2011. George then worked for four years as a Quantitative Analyst/Developer in Nomura’s Risk Methodology group where he was responsible for devising numerical techniques for capital optimisation and implementing new market risk models for the bank’s global trade portfolio. Before joining Elucidata, George was the Technical Director of an aerospace consultancy.

George enjoys drawing and sings in a male voice choir.


Henry Dunn, Visualisations Expert/Scrum Master

Henry is champion of all things visual at Elucidata. After graduating from the University of Oxford with a BA (Hons) in Experimental Psychology, Henry embarked on a commercial management programme at L’Oreal before joining Elucidata in 2015. Henry’s passion is building interactive apps in Shiny that delight and wow customers, and transform their understanding of their data.

When he's away from his laptop, Henry can either be found on the rugby pitch or at any pub in London showing live sport.



Shah is an experienced software engineer with specialist skills in Python, PHP, HTML/CSS and JavaScript. Whilst attending university, Shah co-founded FlockShare, an online information network, where he was the lead developer. He has also co-founded two further technology companies. Shah has a strong passion for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Outside work, he's a huge DC Comics fan and will happily debate the merits of DC over Marvel.



Golu graduated from Aberystwyth University with a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science. He enjoys tackling complex problems and has a stack of programming languages under his belt.

Golu has a passion for cricket and, as an active runner, likes to take part in half-marathons and local 10k competitions.


Jack Smith, ENGINEER

Jack is a Python Engineer with a passion for Statistical Mathematics and Complex Systems. Since graduating from the University of Bristol with a BSc in Mathematics and an MSc in Computer Science, Jack has directed his drive for problem-solving into the development of scalable and data-driven web-based applications.

When not at work, you can find Jack walking, surfing or indulging in music.


Will Randall, Engineer

Will is working with Elucidata on a placement year while studying for his BSc (Hons) Computer Science degree at the University of West England. Will has developed a very impressive resume given the early stage of his career, and his particular interests are anything deep learning. He’s developed many artificial intelligence projects, including a project that learns from game protocols to filter potentially malicious packets.

When he’s not working on machine learning or other programming projects, Will is either surfing off Fistral beach in Cornwall or watching TV shows (current favourites include Rick and Morty, Game of Thrones, and Westworld)


Oliver Wilkinson, Engineer

Ollie has recently completed his BSc in Computer Science at the University of West England. Prior to university, Ollie worked as a Data Engineer, creating data sets for analysts to use in econometric models, a role he continued part-time while studying for his degree.

Ollie takes a keen interest in new technology and loves talking about anything new and exciting. When he needs a break from computers he continues to teach himself guitar and goes out to take photographs of animals and rugby matches.